Victor Ongkowijaya

Hi! I’m a senior in computer science at the University of Michigan.

Aside from being a full time student, I currently work as a research assistant at Prof. Ensafi’s lab, in collaboration with Prof. Halderman’s lab, for computer and network security. My recent work includes first-authoring a paper (under submission) and building the lab’s startup, Censored Planet.

I also currently work as a teaching assistant for EECS 183, an introductory computer science class with ~1000 enrolled students. I teach weekly lab sections, hold office hours, and work in a team to shape all aspects of the class.

In the past, I was a software engineering intern at Nokia Deepfield and research assistant at Merit (mentored by Dr. Kallitsis), both in the field of network security.

Evaluation of Russian Censorship
Studied Russia’s network censorship practices in collaboration with Russian activists. Developed and executed novel measurement methods to detect and classify censorship techniques. First-author paper in submission at a major security conference.

Measurement of Global DNS Manipulation
Developed from scratch and deployed an implementation of Satellite / Iris, a tool which measures DNS interference for ~160 countries from just 1 machine in the US. Collected data is available at Censored Planet. Covered in MIT Technology Review.

ISP-Scale DDoS Mitigation
Worked as a research assistant for Merit, an ISP which operates 4000 miles of state-wide Internet fiber optic infrastructure. Explored DNS-side DDoS attack detection through real-world Internet traffic data to extend AMON, Merit’s high-speed 10Gbps+ network monitoring tool. Presented at the annual UROP research symposium.

Enterprise Network Security
Worked as a software engineering intern for Nokia Deepfield, a SaaS network analytics, monitoring, and security company. Implemented additional security product features, fixed software issues, and improved the integration testing pipeline.

USENIX Security Symposium 2018
Lab-funded attendee at USENIX 2018, a major security research conference. Worked in a team to prepare a lightning talk, and learned about new advancements in the field through presented talks and papers.

Voting Machine Forensic Analysis
Ongoing project to study used voting machines publicly available on eBay. Exploring potential dangers such as recoverable voting data and possible attacks if such machines are re-bought and used in future elections. Covered in U-M CSE news.

Operating Systems (EECS 482)

Computer Networks (EECS 489)

Database Systems (EECS 484)

Web Systems (EECS 485)

Computer Security (EECS 388)

Computer Architecture (EECS 370)

Data Structures & Algorithms (EECS 281)

This website was designed and coded from scratch using Jekyll, HTML, and CSS. The code can be found in my GitHub.

Thank you for visiting my website, and please don’t hesitate to email me if you would like to get in touch for anything!