Hi! I’m a senior in computer science at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering.

I currently work as a research assistant at the security lab, focusing on Censored Planet. I also work as a teaching assistant for EECS 183.

In the past, I’ve been at Merit and Nokia Deepfield for network security.


An Evaluation of Russian Censorship
Studying Russia’s network censorship practices, in collaboration with Russian activists. Paper aimed for USENIX 2019.

Measuring DNS Interference Globally
Developing and maintaining a tool for Censored Planet which measures DNS poisoning for ~160 countries from just one machine in the US. Based on Satellite and Iris.

ISP Scale Network Monitoring
Research project with Merit Network, an ISP which covers University of Michigan and much of the state’s network infrastructure. Worked to extend AMON, Merit’s network monitoring tool.

This Website
Designed and coded from scratch using Jekyll, HTML, and CSS. Focused on simplicity, maintainability, and usability across different platforms and window sizes. The code can be found in my GitHub.

Computer Networks (EECS 489)

Databases (EECS 484)

Operating Systems (EECS 482)

Web Systems (EECS 485)

Election Security (EECS 498)

Computer Security (EECS 388)

Computer Architecture (EECS 370)

Data Structures & Algorithms (EECS 281)